Cambridge Assessment International Education

About Cambridge International and AICE

The Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is an international diploma that students can earn via an advanced academic curriculum and assessment program offered solely through the Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International), a division of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom--an institution consistently ranked as one of the top five academic universities in the world.

The Diploma Program

Students seeking the diploma are required to earn seven credits. Of the seven, they must take one course in each of three academic areas and complete the core requirement. Then, students have the opportunity to create a course of study that best meets their abilities and interests.

  • One credit from Group 1 – Mathematics and Science
  • One credit from Group 2 – Languages
  • One credit from Group 3 – Arts and Humanities
  • Core requirement: One credit in Global Perspectives and Research AS

In addition to completing the above, students have the option to count up to two courses in the OPTIONAL Group 4 – Interdisciplinary Skills-based Subjects – toward the diploma.

Cambridge International Courses Offered at Palm Beach Central

  • Group 1 (Mathematics and Science): Environmental Management AS, Marine Science AS and A, Chemistry AS, Physics AS, Biology A, Physical Education AS
  • Group 2 (Languages): English Language AS and A, Spanish Language AS, Spanish A, French Language AS
  • Group 3 (Arts and Humanities): Art and Design AS, Business Studies AS, Literature in English AS, Economics A, International History AS, US History AS and A, Media Studies AS, Music AS, Psychology AS and A*,
  • Core Course (Required): Global Perspectives and Research AS
  • OPTIONAL Group 4 (Interdisciplinary and Skills-based Subjects): Thinking Skills AS, General Paper AS

*The following courses may be used to fulfill either the Group 1 or Group 3 requirement, but not both.

Cambridge International Examinations

Examinations are administered in May/June and October/November sessions each year. A candidate working towards the Cambridge International AICE Diploma may use up to five sessions to take the equivalent of seven full credit examinations as long as they are taken within a 25-month period. Students may opt to begin their program in either their freshman or sophomore year.

Why Cambridge International?

Participation in Cambridge International courses makes students more competitive in the college application process. Cambridge International courses also provide students the skills required to be successful once in college. Finally, Cambridge International gives students the flexibility to design a course of study that allows them to pursue their academic interests.

The following research attests to the benefits of participation in Cambridge International courses:

A study by Bill Kolb, former director of admissions at the University of Florida, found that Cambridge International Students attending the University of Florida had an average end-of-freshman year G.P.A. of 3.46 whereas students who came from other acceleration mechanisms like Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) had an average G.P.A. of 3.12 and 3.10 respectively.

A Cambridge / FSU Study regarding success in the US (titled Are Cambridge International Assessments Good Preparation for University Study?) outlines the success of Cambridge International students at Florida State University and how they are outperforming all other acceleration mechanisms including IB and AP.

Regarding Cambridge USA Recognition, universities are speaking out on how prepared Cambridge International students are when they enter college. View the video of  "Leading Learning" to learn what representatives from Duke University and MIT have to say about the academic preparation Cambridge International provides students.


Cambridge International Contacts:

Ms. Evana Tamayo
Cambridge International Coordinator
Phone: (561) 433-7912